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I feel like everytime I post a new thread I seem to not get any responses. A lot of the time I do need help with things, and I no longer have anyone else to turn to other than here. If I've been too hostile or whatever, I apologize.


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i havnt seen you being hostile hon but i know it seems sometimes you dont get responses at the point of needing them
if you ever need someone to turn to feel free to pm me ok (((hugs)))


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Sometimes there are just so many posts and threads going up that some may get overlooked. I do know what you mean though...sometimes it feels like people aren't paying enough attention or really responding to your posts. But it's nothing personal; sometimes people that read them may not know what to say so they don't post anything. Or someone else has already said what they were going to say.

Oh, and I've read a fair amount of your posts, and you haven't been hostile at all:). Feel free to PM me if you like.
I agree and second what everyone else has said.

I know it can feel like folks don't care when you don't get immediate responses, but honestly, in the short time I've been here, I've been welcomed and made to feel at home.

Please don't worry or feel like you've done anything wrong at all.

Take care.
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