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  1. Starsha

    Starsha Member

    A whisper in the night
    surrending my will
    melting heart, with desire
    a wonderous new thrill.

    Into my mind you fall
    a star across a midnight sky
    a smile upon the lips of fate
    without a question why?

    It's as if I've always known
    the person I am with you
    awakened from a dreamless sleep
    everything so bright and new.

    My hands and lips begins to tremble
    my heart begins to yearn
    my breahting becomes a heavy sigh
    my pale cheeks begin to burn.

    A fantasy wrapped in shadows
    a glimpse of darkened dreams
    pull me in and pull me down
    stifling my screams.
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  2. Petal

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    Great poem hun :heart:
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