too llatte for mme. ii hhaate myslf

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by hopeless13, May 27, 2011.

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  1. hopeless13

    hopeless13 Well-Known Member

    nohting is workking tojjdaay
    jusst nothinnng
    phystr.. off tiiil tuesdaay
    hadd to do an errand
    goot therre and foorgot to bringg tthe nummbers
    so coulldn ot do iiitt
    hhhad to ddelliver apappers to exx
    thatttt wne ended uppp inn a fighht
    i fffeell like craappp
    i havvenn ntohing lefftt
    ft wass so harddd to evven trrry to do theeese errannds
    i''''m in af foggg
    walkkeedd out onn someonne
    noww thattt is a prbllem
    i seemmm to be goood at doiinnng probljems
    theress a saayinng
    qquiitt qhile u aarre aheaad
    i mightt as weell
    iitt too llaatte forr me.
    i ccan't go onn i jjjust can't
    i haatte myself
  2. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    it's not time to quit
    i think you need to go back to the hospital
    call 911 and let them know you are serious about hurting yourself
    they will find a bed for you
    i know beds are short in your hospital but this is an emergency
    you need to get stable
    don't hurt yourself.
  3. Black Raven

    Black Raven Member


    Don't give up matey!
    I've had a couple of hours sleep if that cos I was thinking of you worried. I don't even know you from a bar of soap and have no idea what part of the world your from but people here understand. Your NOT alone in this.

    So many people are going through the same sort of thing. It sucks arse having this illness. Don't give into it and become another victim to it. Fight it hard. You deserve to live a strong happy life. But only you can help that.

    Focus on tiny tiny goals. Achievable goals.

    So you ran an errand. That's a great goal. You got out of the house. Don't think of the negative.

    Make your goals as silly as you want them.

    One of my goals a few years my psych told me was to get a kitten. I had already organized to get this kitten. She said well it's an easy goal to achieve then. Was a pretty awesome goal too ;) but I achieved it.

    Take tiny baby steps, one foot in front of the other and don't give up!
  4. hopeless13

    hopeless13 Well-Known Member

    tthhhank youu
    uu ssttay saaafe
    andd get sleeeppp
    don''t wrrroy aboutt me
    u rr aaaa good peeerrson.
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You are a good person too you deserve help okay compassion Please go to hospital and tell them you need to stay just go to emergency okay YOu are important okay Please reach out and get you some help. hugs
  6. hopeless13

    hopeless13 Well-Known Member

    u raee aa gooddd personnn too

    uu ssttta y safffe

    iii bbbee fifnne.

    tthhkaaak youu
  7. hopeless13

    hopeless13 Well-Known Member

    nooo wwoorrries ttthhing eiiiiill workk ooot
    uu aarrrr a uu suuppperb pperrson.
    u hheelllppoo os mmcccccccnaay pppeoplle
  8. Black Raven

    Black Raven Member

    Are you super sure your ok???
  9. hopeless13

    hopeless13 Well-Known Member

    iiiii aammm ooookk
    uuu tttayy ssaaaffe
    uuu aaarrreeee goood peeeroonn
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