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ug what the hell is wrong with me? I'm so frustrated and disappointed with myself its unbelievable. I think I set my date too far in advance, I don't want to wait that long anymore but stupidly haven't got what I need yet. So now I'm here missing uni again because I can't face it, wanting to take all the pills I have even though I know its not enough. Seem to have hurt the one person I didnt want to and it wasnt my intention but now can't take it back. I don't know what the point in this is..just want to leave today instead.


i think you should stick around hun..sorry your having a hard time right now..mind telling me whats up?
not really theres nothing anyone can do/say and im not asking to be stopped. im not going to go today because as i said i dont have enough..whether i take them anyway remains to be seen and to be honest i think i know the answer to that one. meh. just need to decide whether to just get what i need anyway. whats the point sticking around waiting when i could do it sooner? hmm..
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