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Too Many Attempts

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Hi, I am new here. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello (hello!). I'm Addison. I just got home from the psych ward yesterday after a suicide attempt on May 13th - not my first attempt, but hopefully the last. I am being forced to do PHP and then IOP, but am really uninterested. I said what I had to in order to get released, but they can't help me. Was wondering if I'd find some support here instead.


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Hi Addison, welcome to the forums, it's nice to meet you :)
may i ask what php and iop are?
I hope you find all the support you need here. :arms:


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Hello, it is nice to meet you. I am new her as well and I've never been hospitalized. I've handled with my own feelings myself for about seven years now. If you ever need a friend don't be afraid to private message me.


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Hey Addison :)

I've never been hospitalised in a psychiatric ward but I have been to hospital for suicide attempts before.

Take all the help you can get. If you go in with the thought that i can't help, it won't help. Try and keep an open mind and take all you can get from it.


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Hi I'm new too. Never been hospitalized but made many an attempt leading to a few days stay here and there. I'm scared I'm close to hospitalisation after my psych appt tomorrow. If you need to chat I'm here x

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Hun don't close any doors okay take the help that is there the doors are so are to get open don't refuse the support given to you okay take it and let it help you hugs
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