too many mushrooms/lost in space, hi everyone my first post

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    hi i found my self here <the forum> but ive been in the mental space for many years this must be a good thing it means i didnt do it -yet , tho i have been beyond a few times as a heroin user for 3 decades ive just had a mental health team round , on the 6 dec i felt like my spirit was fighting to get out my body -so much so that i was pacing the room, on the 7 dec i felt as tho i was bieng crushed in a black hole i havent felt that for years so when the mental health team watching me pace up and down while im in bits have to ask "am i anxious?" i feel the help they can give me is limited, an appointment on 9 jan confirms my ideas that im on my own,im 49 now i dont do many drugs but the down side is i dont do much of any thing so much so that ive nearly lost the use of my legs- cause i dont go out ,or only on a bike with low gears i havnt walked any where one trip to the shops on foot had me nearly cripeled for 2 days,the things we do to ourselfs eh, i dont want to moan tho today i bought 5 boxes of peaches ;) but after looking at exit i feel balloons are in order ,but not today id upset my family< if i went without cleaning my house out >im in good spirits i like life im scared of reality biting me in the ass cause of past deeds <upseting wrong people had me chained to scrap metal and thrown in the river as my lungs filled with very cold water i had a second to myself before i ended but the universe has other plans for as i was pushed in the police turned up someone haveing phoned them they and the guy that pushed me in got me out <threatened with a murder charge if i died > along with 5 k of assorted ironmongery so im revied and writing this
    the only thing to take from this is that i havent had a normal life ,sure whats normal but eating red and white mushrooms
    <aminita > just cause they did it in king arthers time isnt your every day yard stick,i guese im trying to say any obstical
    , chalenge or adversary <exept gun weilding gangsters >can be overcome becoming part of us,id better close here eh ? hope to see you on the boards
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    Welcome to SF hun
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