Too many reasons to die

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Ok here goes I haven't felt this low in weeks. I wolk up this morning to the same gut wrenching feelings yet today feels especially painful. I sat at the table and wrote down all the positive and negative things about my existence (you can't call this a life) and I just can't seem to find enough reasons to stay. I am consumed by all the negative thoughts I am having at the moment. Like the fact that I'm not well, and my Dad maybe seriously ill too. The fact that since June I have lost or had to give up everything that meant anything to me. I found out just a couple of weeks ago that my partner was cheating on me before we split and all I can do is think about how I am in turmoil and how he is having the time of his life going on holiday and buying her gifts, whilst I find it difficult even to leave the house. The only reason I am still here is because my Mum and Dad would suffer so much if I die, but is that reason enough to stay!


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You state that you have lost everything that means anything to you, yet at the same time that you do not want to hurt your family. This must surely mean that the former is incorrect? Please do not do anything rash and permanent, that others live to regret. There are lots of loving, caring people here for you if you feel that you may benefit from talking about how you feel. It wont change your present circumstances but it may help you to deal with how you feel about them. Feelings and circumstances are often temporary, death is not. Please take care.
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