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  1. Needshelp

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    I wish I could just finish this, and get this over with. I have my entire life in front of me, and am choosing to throw it away. I never had goals, dreams, hopes or ambitions, and never deserved to be here. I feel bad for my family, who went through so much effort to even try and conceive me, and I've done nothing but let everyone down, and crushed everyone's dreams as to what I may have become. My potential is destroyed, and I'm a useless individual. I have no job, I have no friends, I have no prospect of being happy, all because of me.. I'm a horrible, self destructive, piece of trash. I just wish I could die in my sleep so I didn't have to actually do something for myself.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hun you are NONE of those things you call yourself dam depression just telling you lies hun Every day is a new day to start again ok with supports in place you can get on a different path YOU chose ok for you
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    Don't be so hard on yourself.
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    alter you.
    and that sounds hard right but alter little bits, will make a difference.
    don't look so much into the past, try the moment
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    Honestly, my life,hasn't had meaning since I was young. I died years ago, I've just been putting it off.. I just wish I could find the strength to actually kill myself. Nothing's ever helped, and it's hard for me to want to try again, it seems like the only logical way out of this is ending this shitty life... I mean, really... If my family gets to sell my shit,and payoff their debt, and free up some space,then it's a win win.. I'm gone, they get my money and belongings, and life is hunkey dorey.. I can't stop crying these past couple days... I just feel like its time.. And I've spent these past couple days regretting everything I haven't done, and never actually living my life.. It's going to come soon, I just feel sorry for those who ever had hope, and actually bet on me..