too much stress, can't take it anymore

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    There is just too much stress upon me right now. I need to just do it and get it over with. I will no longer be a burden upon anyone close to me. I will no longer be around to cause any more heartaches. I hope that those who have known me will understand the reason why and what pushed me over the edge. Sometimes it only takes a little push or act to happen that will push others over the edge. I hope that whoever decided to call that dang DHS and tell the lie that i was abusive to my father be tormented by my passing for the rest of their danmg little pathic lifes.... Them seem to do things to dilberatly hurt me and cause me pain, well your causing me much pain ends tonight.. Times i have posted here that i would but then changed my mind or in some way decided not to will no longer happen. i am at the point to jump off and not a dang person would care so it really makes no point other then that i will take myself out of the picture so they can all be so happy that they pushed and pushed and caused me to fall over. it will be a joy to them to see me gone.. I thought i had friends but then when i was forced to buy an RV in order to try and get my dad to his last wish, yet they all thought and even blamed me and even told my only friend that i needed to grow up.. they even say i am throwing a pity party on myself, that is a major trigger and they knew it and did it because they wanted me gone. deep down in their hearts those words to me i hope will forever haunt them because after i am gone those will be the very last words they said to me. it will hit them where it hurts and if it doesn't then who the crap cares.. cause i wont be here to hear it anyhow..

    i did what i had to do and then when i was stranded they accused me as being the one who brought all the pain on my family, well thank you for letting me know that and for that i have made this choice so back off because it is over. no more little lies from you saying you love me, or care.. you never did and you think i can't or won't do it then boy oh boy will you be shocked.. maybe next time when someone says they will do it you had better listen or you will lose them like you have lost me...

    yes this is a rant, my rant, my final rant to those who hurt me, and did it just because they wanted too. i was already in enough stress with dad and his chemo that i did not need this extra stress upon me but i am ready to go now..