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Too much *SU* *ED*

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It's too much, the studies that I feel less and less motivated to do,I don't have any strength I'm so tired,feeling like I want to cry everyday and wanting to give up,I can't die I know that,wouldn't be fair to those around me,so here I am trapped in everything,that's what makes it so unbearable,I don't have anything with which I can feel relief.
Feeling so fat,and when I eat less I get so tired and studies becomes even worse but when I'm eating I can't focus on my studies because I feel too damn fat,it is all too much this life.
hey I'm sorry that things are so bad for you now.

Have you seen a doctor? Beyond depression, there could be other things going on with you. You could have a vitamin b12 or d deficiency. maybe meds or therapy can help you.

do you know why you feel this way? is it food issues or other things too?

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Hi May,thankyou very much for your reply

I am currently seeing a therapist and we're working quite hard with homeworks and such,I do what I can to keep up with that and the studies at the same time,but it does become very tiering although I know therapy can be very helpful in the long run, I'm also attending an eating disorder group to deal with body image issues,so I am getting lots of good help

I've got an lighter form of eating disorder,it used to be much worse, and lately depression is very bad which makes everything else bad as well, but I gues you just have to hang on and not give up

Thankyou very much for your reply
Hello Nataria!

I wonder if you could get a medical leave from your studies or have your workload reduced.

Maybe you could get your meds adjusted for the depression.

I hope that things get better soon!

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