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    Sometimes I wish that I was born stupid, and that life was simple. Sometimes I wish I still sensed the magic about life that others do. I get small glimpses of it, but it always seems so far away.

    I don't even care what happens to me anymore. I feel like there is nothing to hope for and no reason to try anymore. I feel like I am probably the worst person in the entire world. As I replay moments in my life when I have acted terribly, I just want to crawl into a dark hole and die. I feel like everyone knows the Real Me is awful and is just tiptoeing around that issue.

    I want to die so badly just to protect the world from me.
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    Hi, we all suffer in many ways but remember you are not alone. You may feel alone but people hide it well but suffer in silence. You are important and remember that, so please do not use do anything. Like others who use this forum, you need support from us. You just to keep posting your feelings and we all understand what is happening to you. Take Care.
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    You are a good worthy person I saw that today in the chat
    Room, you possibly helped saved someone else's life! Just wanted to throw that in!