Too Much

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  1. Wounded
    Shallow breath and
    heavy sigh
    Forgetting to breathe
    for the weight
    I find myself beneath
    Look what I have done!
    See, how far I’ve come,
    only to be greeted
    by my soul, so sorely defeated
    Be the end near or far,
    I cannot reckon with
    what’s in my heart
    Lord, but I’m tired
    My eyes no longer see
    the whole me I used to be
    Alone, waylaid,
    I have no plan;
    The tides
    keep washing away the sand
    of all I’ve tried to build,
    leaving me with useless guilt
    for all I could not control,
    for all the sorrow
    I could not hold…

    It was too much

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.