Too Scared To Do Anything

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  1. Forgotten_Man

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    So today I hand another hangout date with my friend Y. I want to think it went well. However, I just don't know. We sat around and watched anime for a couple of hours. Which was nice, it was nice to watch anime with someone new. However, it was as awkward as the first time we went to the movies. We made small conversation here and there... however... it does not really feel like we advanced in our comfort around each other. Which is something I want to be able to do. I want to be comfortable with her. :(

    The reason why, I wussed out. I said "Lets take a walk down this trail near my place then watch some anime or we can just watch anime if you are feeling super lazy." She was feeling super lazy so we just watched anime. I should have said "Lets go for a walk". :( another chance to try to break down the walls of our shyness gone. :blub: what the fuck is wrong with me. If anything I could have sat next to her on the couch. That might have helped break down some walls. Why can't I have the courage to start letting her into my life. Why can't I make conversations? Why can't I do anything a real man should be able to do.

    Oh well.. I am tried... plenty of time to sleep and regret before work tomorrow.
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    Hey FM, I'm sorry to hear that you've got this dilemma. It's very tricky because I imagine you're scared to lose her altogether. I'm not sure what to suggest though as I'm currently sort of in the same position. I'm totally in love with my best friend, but we've known each other for years and he was my ex's best friend and it's all just too weird. When I stay over at his (he's my crisis retreat so he's seen me at my very worst, even though he actually doesn't know the half of it) we share a bed, and it's all fine although I completely freeze if we accidently touch or anything!

    I want to just say go for it, but I understand it's not that easy. I think next time you get together definitely go for a walk (don't offer other options!), as you can talk about anything without having to look at each other, which really helps. It will give you the chance to really get to know her better, especially if you ask lots of questions.

    Good luck.
  3. Forgotten_Man

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    @Madam Mim: I know if get another chance to hang out with her again, I will make sure we do something where we can talk. She said she wanted to hang out again after all. The problem I have is I cannot come up with conversation pieces. My mind just freezes and goes blank. The most I can do is make a comment. I feel so pathetic.