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Too schizoaffective.

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I can't decide who I want to be. I can't decide whether to listen to society or God or science. I love science so much, but without God I have no reason to listen to half of the social rules supported by science other than a list of the most popular theories among anthropologists, psychologists, and doctors, etc. Even those don't even mesh up right. I guess I'm just too weak. I wish things didn't end up this way. I wish I was born to some other people.... I have one more thing to try, and if it doesn't work then I am done.


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Hi Socialman,


Both of those options that you can believe in have so much intellectual meaning to different people. I can understand how tough it is to want to believe in God but also be interested in science so much. I had a very bright acquaintance when I was in grade school who always wondered whether he was behaving paradoxically by being so involved on both ends (science and church).

Best of luck with your endeavors (you are still trying, and of that I am proud).

Hope you stay safe and seeya around in chat ;),

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