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too skinny .. you look sick.. you are sick


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the title says it all really.
I didn't think I had an eating disorder but
Growing up doing ballet for 14 yrs it was like .. self discipline, the lighter the better.
my parents encouraged it, at dinner time
My meals were the size of a teacup plate
As I got older I kept the habit going.
When now at 29 years old I realise how blinded I was & how many events I pushed away & tried to forget,and the best way to do that was to dance & dance some more.
So now I'm being told I do have an eating disorder & have to put weight on I'm feeling angry ..allot of emotions that don't make sense , After being told I'm so underweight
My body could shut down if I loose any more
I need to come to terms with it ,somehow.
I feel embarrased to type this I really don't know why
I am so sorry that you are struggling as can only imagine as you were "conditioned" from such a young age especially as a ballet dancer how hard this must be for you. i wondered are you seeing a GP/therapist? Please take to heart that you do matter and that you aren't alone as we are all here for you. and know that others here on SF can offer advice, encouragement and support so please keep posting. Sending you hugs.

I agree with Kiwi. Sometimes we forget that people struggling with weight are not always needing to lose more of it. One of my sisters has always struggled with her weight as well (on the low side, she's always been under weight). She finds that trying to eat more just makes her feel sick. She tends to eat small meals, but more times a day. She supplements her regular meals with small snacks and nutritional drinks. She also takes multivitamins. Regardless of what the number on the scale is, your body needs fuel to function well. Looking skinny does not necessarily mean that you are sick. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. If you feed it, and it can function well, skinny is irrelevant. For my sister, her focus has shifted more towards being healthy than being a certain weight.

As Kiwi mentioned, it took you time to learn these habits. Give yourself time to unlearn them as well. :)

Good luck!
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Hiya, May I ask how do you feel in yourself? People always comment on my weight, at only 5ft1 I don't need to eat alot to feel blergh, I know when I feel my right weight. To others it's skinny.
You don't need to feel embarrassed here, it's not a place for judgement. You were brave writing it down. We will support you in your journey.
As for being a dancer I bet you have such grace, oh how I wish I could dance like I imagine you do! ❤


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I stopped drinking regular pop because I thought I was gaining too much weight. I have lost four pounds. At one point I weighed 105 pounds and I was in my twenties. I would much rather be skinny than what I am right now. I often drink Atkins drinks or eat salads, and I walk for about ten minutes every couple of days. I wish I could lose more weight.

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