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Too tired to keep going

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by MrBean95, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. MrBean95

    MrBean95 New Member

    Hi friend

    I am so tired of living ,dont want to give up at most time and that is why I am looking for support and tumble into this forum.

    Very bad thing happened to my family lately ( Financially) .The hopelessness look on my wife and my parents is killing me, my emotion go up and down all day, I have tried many way to excuse myself but found none, all my fault..........

    Over nite we have lost everything,I just dont know where to start, I have tried to be brave in front of my family but inside, I am so down and not dare to talk to anyone...............Just afraid that my loveone who used to rely on me finacially and emotionaly to see my weakness.I am so tired......Dont want to think anymore but couldn't help myself...............When I hit the brick wall,the thought of ending my life is so peaceful...........Now I can understand why people have took their own life.................May be the same thought I have rite now.
  2. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    Please don't give up.
    They love you and I know you are having a tough time. I'm not a believer in God necessarily, but sometimes I feel like we are being tested.
    Don't break down when times get rough, stay and fight - they will get better.
    If you give up, things will be left even harder for your family because they will have lost you.
  3. elleanne

    elleanne Well-Known Member

    Even if you are responsible for some of the financial problems incurred by your family, that does`nt mean it`s a hopeless situation. You can get through it. It takes time (lots of), and means being completely honest about making mistakes with money / panicking and burying your head in the sand. There are billionaires who are miserable, and paupers who are happy. Why? I think because the happy pauper might have love, humour, and hope but the millionaire has the paranoia of what could happen if they lost it all, are their friends really friends or just hangers on. Y`know?
    I know a guy who had his own business, a wife, 3 children with one on the way. He took the `easy` way out last year. His pregnant wife and children found his body.Believe me, it could not have been peaceful for him, and it certainly was`nt for his wife or children. The financial problems are still here, but his wife is the only adult and has to care for four children(three who are extremely traumatised after seeing what their Dad did), aswell as the finances. That was not to guilt trip you, just to kill the romanticism of a peaceful suicide.You have not lost everything. Where there is life there is hope. You still have your wife (for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health). It is never too late to ask for help ( the citizens advice beureax and the national debtline are completely free here in the UK).:wink:elleanne
  4. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    Stay with us. Keep posting about what is bothering you. It will help. Your family needs you more than they need money. The economic times will change again. It always changes, up or down. Many people will get relief when the economy picks up again. Right now all of us are riding out this storm and we all need each other.

    Please keep posting. Getting these things out and getting feedback is something all humans need.
  5. MrBean95

    MrBean95 New Member

    Thank you Friends

    I used to have a good business until my ex business partner faulsified my signiture to transfer directorship and shares to his name,legal action started but I dont think I can continue for long due to legal fees.........I am blaming myself everyday and nite,when the barrister told me....Justice cost money.........all the things I read on the bible seems so bias. Bad people enjoining themself, honest people falling behind...............so unfair.

    And you are right that if I do leave this world, my love ones will suffer......But, too hard to live, sometime I can breath just to think of the ways out. tomorrow is never look so dark
  6. MrBean95

    MrBean95 New Member

    Thank you for all the support
    For the last few days my head non stop think of negative thought.............I can not stop.I hate to think, I wish I can have a switch off button ..........I just can't find the ways out.....the lawyer want their money,my liability for the business.........where my family going to go for the next month or so.........I am unable to sleep at nite and I got so tired in the morning, but I am unable to to rest............I dont know how long I can hold on, everything around me is so dark, no escape.........God please help me. :((
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