tools of fate.

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    lost chances aren't lost at all
    if there is chance it will find its way
    you can't lose a chance
    its still in ours hearts

    to give false hope
    is too not give hope at all
    I'd write a message
    of light and hope

    like a black hole
    it would get sucked up
    enjoying the silence
    some words are better left unsaid

    it's a toss up
    both sides playing to win
    we all lost
    due to our pride

    no one wants to back down
    we back paddle thru it all
    back to where we started
    taking with us the hurt

    nor will I give in
    this heart was made for war
    weither its words or silence
    no chances are lost

    if the was no chance at all
    world of illusions
    hearts of ice
    cold frozen tundra

    this is my world
    I make it my own
    my decisions are of my own
    you cant bury me

    I decide what will happen
    its all my choice
    all of my power
    yet humble enough to my backwards ways

    sideways hits
    it's all a toss up
    sometimes I'm out done
    but not finished

    I will never finish
    I never to do
    things come undone
    remake, rebuild, renew

    tools of my fate
    I can make the earth quake
    in my wake
    master of my destiny

    you play your part
    I'll play mine
    to not effect
    is the goal in mind.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.