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Top stuff!!!

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this is prob the wrong place to put this but i like letting things out!!!

I just passed my driving test!!! wooooooooooooohhhooooooooooo!!

Feeling rather happy. feel like this is the start of some good stuff - my year starts now!

i feel - wait for it - happy!

cant stop smiling!!! dont think it will last but im gona make the most of it!

Take care everybody

love to you all

Beep Beep!!

Love Clare x


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Hey sorry im slightly late replying but i just wanted to say thats great Clare!!!!!!Freedom to go anywhere at last!!!!!!Well done to ya!!!Have a big party and a nice long big safe drive to celebrate!!!!!

Look afer yourself as you go zooming around!!!!

Take care and best wishes for now


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i went looking for cars today! i feel so so grown up! i looked at 2, a Kia which im not totally keen on and a clio which i love but not too sure about.

i looked in a paper and found a garage selling the car i learned to drive in. with so so much in it for under my budget.

http://www.autopress.be/FRANCFORT_2005/HYUNDAI GETZ.jpg

thats a pic of one - the one ive seen is that colour too! what do you think? the millage is a little high. but its so so pretty!!!!!

beep beep!!

Clare x


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Thats cool, how much is it going for?

You should be careful, make sure u get it checked over and stuff coz there are some dodgy garages around.

Im glad its made u feel grown up, i know how important that is to you.

Star x


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its 3500. i firgured i would spend quite a bit so i get a decent one that will last.

i know a guy who works for the AA who is going to have a look at it for me tomorrow.

i really cant wait!

Clare xxxxxx
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