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Tories showing their true colours

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Yet again, the Tories show how out of touch they and their policies are. This report was on Sky News;

A Conservative MP has suggested that people with disabilities wanting to get on to the job ladder should be able to offer themselves for work at below the minimum wage.

Philip Davies claimed "vulnerable" people were disadvantaged in the workplace because they had to compete with able-bodied candidates for jobs, but could not offer to accept lower wages.

The MP for Shipley told the Commons during the second reading of the Employment Opportunities Bill: "The people who are most disadvantaged by the national minimum wage are the most vulnerable in society.

"My concern about it is it prevents those people from being given the opportunity to get the first rung on the employment ladder."

Mr Davies said he had spoken to people with mental health problems during a visit to the charity Mind and found they were "quite accepting" of the fact they would be overlooked.

"They were absolutely up front with me and they said that when they went for a job and they came across a situation where there were other people who had applied for that job, they've got mental health problems, other people haven't, they said to me 'Who would you take on?'," he told MPs.

Senior Tory Edward Leigh challenged Mr Davies, saying: "Forget the fact there's a minimum wage for a moment. Why actually should a disabled person work for less than £5.93 an hour? It's not a lot of money, is it?"

Mr Davies told him: "If an employer is looking at two candidates, one who has got disabilities and one who hasn't, and they have got to pay them both the same rate, I invite you to guess which one the employer is more likely to take on.

"Whether that is right or wrong, whether you would do that or wouldn't do, that to me is just the real world that we operate in."

He added that the people being penalised were "those people with those disabilities who are desperate to make a contribution to society, want to actually start getting on the employment ladder and find time and time again that the door is being closed in their face".

Speaking outside the Commons, Dame Anne Begg, who chairs the Work and Pensions Select Committee, said the comments were "utterly outrageous and unacceptable".

"To suggest disabled people should be treated as second-class citizens is shocking and shows just what a warped world some Tories demonstrate they inhabit," she added.

Sophie Corlett, director of external relations for Mind, described the suggestion as "preposterous".

"People with mental health problems should not be considered a source of cheap labour and should be paid appropriately for the jobs they do," she added.

"We should be trying be educate employers and challenge negative attitudes towards mental health problems rather than forcing people with mental health problems to undercut their way in to the workforce."


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this is actually horrendous! i am outraged and so is my mother!

just because you're disabled doesn't mean you are worth any less!


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People do not realise what is in store - sleepwalking their way into an authoritarian state which controls every aspect of our lives - whilst rewarding the slaves just enough to stop them rioting.

I think the slaves are now feeling the pinch - and we can expect riots in the near future.

Disabled people in the UK will be up in arms over any plan to pay them less than someone able bodied and able minded. Many jobs cannot be done by people who might be blind or deaf. Wheelchair users accept there is a limitation to what they can do. Someone who cannot walk very well will not be able to stack shelves in a supermarket at the same pace as someone fit and able.

Asking someone to work for less than the going rate is wrong in principle and anyone who can think its a good idea needs locking up before they start to convert old military camps into camps for the disabled.

Big Strike on 30th June might see a small taste of things to come - but the real trouble will not be on marches it will be in the unfashionable parts of the UK - mostly the areas which have grown into areas like Northern Ireland, with Muslims on one side and black and/or white working classes on the other.

These are the areas which have already bought us race riots - something both labour and Tory have helped to create over the years.

I hope and pray it does not happen - but if someone sees a truth - should they not air it to see if it might have some basis in reality?

I know that the most troubling riots are those in which communities are entrenched along racial religious lines. Other riots - the traditional riot of the English working class - generally had more feasible lines of division, such as labour and capital, the rich and poor, the uppers and the lowers.

I would hope the currently divided communities can get along with each other - I realise that these divisions are manipulated and given legs by people who plan ahead and seek to divert the English into a myriad of divisions which help sustain the status quo.

Even so - if I stood between two sides and expressed this - how long before the first brick hits me?

The Tories are masters of deception - having always had their roots in the upper classes and big money - they have always sided against the poor.

Labour was once a working class party - but now - since the Blair transformation - its a nothing party - mainly middle class in the make up and membership whereas it was once a genuine party that had roots in the working class communities.

Both Labour and Tory and the Lib Dems are like Punch and Judy puppets. Each puppet seems genuine, but of course, all the puppets are controlled by the same person who makes the puppets do his bidding.

Politics is about creating illusions.

A riot is far more honest.


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Typical of the bloody tories and people fall for their election shit everytime :mad:

The people didn't fall for 'their election shit' they didn't get a clear majority and were forced to do a deal with another party in order to take power.

People were just apathetic towards Labour and laid the reasons for the banking crisis and economic mess we are in at their door.
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