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  1. forever_scarred

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    finally found out just how bad that dt site really is. when i left i hoped all teh talk about me was done but now i kno it only got worse. a friend who is leaving there wanted me to kno to be careful. the person told her "u needed to go that it was about time" funny what people think of u when on the outside its all smiles and glad to see you. i would have been happier to have them talk straight to my face. "plenty of other things were said too" how could i have been so stupid, i was always paranoid there but this, i just dont understand anymore :cry:
  2. IV2010

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    I don't think you're stupid..the ones who bullied you are stupid....some people are just darned cruel....
    It's best you've left that don't deserve to be treated that way...

    did you tell the mods there what was happening so maybe they won't continue to hurt others...
    the bullies deserve to be reprimanded...

    I hope you'll have some peace now you're not on there anymore..
  3. forever_scarred

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    its happened twice now. i never knew how much they hated me tho. one of the people who tormented was a mod. and others were "well liked" people who crave attention, so it doesnt matter, they would never get into trouble. but to answer ur question yes i told a different mod but nothing was done. they were angry it happened the first time but nothing was done.