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  1. ryan.

    ryan. Well-Known Member

    my head torments me and there seems to be no escape. i don't even know why i am posting this, i don't even know what to say really. just sick of depression, sick of anxiety, sick of life and sick of constantly thinking about how i want to die. im not going back to a doctor, not going back on meds, the psychiatric orthodoxy of our day is a pseudo-science. just want all of this to be over.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Just want you to know i understand i truly do and i wish you knew there is help hun but you have to reach out for it ok Glad you are posting hun as i know it helps to release some of the sadness hugs
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Depending upon where you go for treatment will depend the level of trial and error although much of it does seem that way...please find an expert in your area (if you have choices)...I have found a medical center affiliation to be more advanced at Rxing took me a while to get my pain under control which is similar to psych meds but well worth it
  4. ryan.

    ryan. Well-Known Member

    I appreciate everyone's comments and wouldn't ever tell anyone whose had positive experiences in the psychiatric movement to stop; its just not for me and I consider it nonsense.
  5. Jay1981

    Jay1981 Well-Known Member

    "... I consider it nonsense." - Personal experiences made me despise psychiatry, though I've realised that there are those involved in 'psychiatry' that are well intentioned and contribute to proper understanding and the development of helpful medication - the mind / human spirit is quite powerful and healing without medication is possible, though there is always the possibility of finding medication that could aid the process ... In any event, you're here to live - I'm sure that you could imagine a set of / change in your circumstances / life situation that would make this life more fulfillling / enjoyable for you - whether that presents itself to you or not (in the near future, perhaps) dosen't preclude you from holding on, further developing yourself and contributing - you just may find it worth it, of course a lot of the time it really is simply (relative) perception ... All the best ...
  6. Active Member

    i am glad you chose to open up to this forum , hopefully you will get the support you need. your being here might mean you do want to be saved so hang in there ryan, i wish you the best ! :) maybe at some point you will want to talk about what's happening in your life and you will sure find people here who care about listening,i know i did
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