Torn to peices

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  1. dark.streets

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    Do I move on? Do I let go of my my one true love?
    I know I should, But can I?
    I wish I could forget her, I wish I never knew what love was.
    But I can't, I do, and nothing can change that.
    Life goes on, they say, but does it? It isn't truely living, if you ask me.
    I'd rather be dying to live than living to die.
  2. sammakko

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    Try to go on. You cannot without trying. Let go and if that still haunts you forever you at least tried.
  3. Stranger1

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    I don't think anyone truly gets over a loss like that.. But you learn to move on and find a relationship that is healthy..I cried over my ex for over a year and one day I found myself angry about it.. Thats what helped me to get past her..Now I am 53 and don't ever see myself in another relationship..Open you eyes and let go of the past.. You will find that certain somebody.. Probably without even trying..You have to get past the negative thoughts because people pick up on those vibes and tend to back away..
  4. dark.streets

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    Even if I move on, whoever I have next will never receive all of my love. I will forever be searching her eyes for the one I truly love.
    When I close my eyes, she is there. I try to remember the warmth she radiated onto my skin as I held her gently in my arms. I try to feel my heart skip a beat like it did every time I kissed her.
    Every tear she wiped away, every wound she helped heal, every memory she made me let go is all wasted. Like my broken heart, it is all dead.