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  1. i don't want to die. i'm not ready to. there's still so much i want to do. and it would be so selfish of me to do it.

    but the idea haunts me. i want to get out of this down. i can't find a way out. i want to escape it forever. just stop feeling this way. closing my eyes and just falling sleep sounds so easy. and i'll never have to feel this way again.

    i just need to swallow a couple more than i need. it'll stop the pain. i just need to take a few more than what's recommended, then i'll fall asleep faster. and i'll forget about all that i'm feeling.

    but i'm not ready to. not yet. but i want to. and i'm torn.
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    If you're questioning -that- much, you really aren't ready to die, so I don't think it'd be a good idea.
    Instead of taking such a drastic measure to end your pain (which will also end any happiness you may have in the future), talk out your problems here if you can't talk anywhere else. It's not a promise that it'll work, but it -is- a small glimmer of hope. Plus, a lot of people here are really helpful and understanding.
    So yeah, write out your problems. Write out all your feelings. We'll do our best to assist in any way.
    That's the first step.
  3. its so difficult putting into words what i feel.

    i feel empty. but i'm in so much pain. i dont' care. but i do care. i'm tired, yet full of energy. i feel lost. but i see the road that i'm supposed to be on.

    it is this constant battle of going back and forth that makes this so difficult. that makes me think about just giving up.
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    i came here looking for a pro choice site and found this.
    i met ppl here and started posting, and that is how i have been getting thru all the crap.
    i have a thread in let it all out and that is where i dump. it's like a journal for me. maybe you can try something like that.
    hope it helps. take care.
    you can always pm me if you like.
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