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  1. alices_ponder

    alices_ponder Well-Known Member

    I am in so much distress. I don't know what to do :sad:

    I have always had depression. I used to self harm but stopped a year and a half ago. I used to take cocaine and drink myself into an oblivion to forget my life.

    I just had a baby 4 months ago and have severe post natal depression. I was given Fluxodene but they were making me feel worse. A few times I seriously contemplated committing suicide. I just drove around for hours in a daze.

    I love my little one but feel so unhappy. I just feel like befriending the blade again
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hun i am sorry your depression has not lifted You need to talk to your doctor and try a different medication okay one that works for you You have a beautiful baby now hun so please call your doctor explain that the meds are not working and you need to try new one hugs
  3. Monoka

    Monoka Well-Known Member

    First off congratulations on the year and a half, really well done. Don't let it slip now, speak to your doctor, make sure they understand you and what you need.

    Take care x
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