Tortured Soul

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  1. Matt93

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    There in the shadows I lurk,
    And in the darkness I grow.
    My mind will wipe away your smirk,
    Your body torn apart away it is thrown.

    Mind filled with hatred,
    Loathing all that is around you.
    All your fears realised,
    While you bathe, bloody and alone.

    I am your darkest desires,
    I am your hated qualities.
    I am the darkness ensnaring your light,
    And with I, there is no escaping.

    I am the pain in your eyes,
    I am the ache growing in your limbs.
    I am the tiredness that overtook you,
    I am your unholy end.
    I am the tortured soul,
    Until the end.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.