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  1. Have you ever tried to imagine total emptiness, which is impossible now, since whatever this is, this life and everything i can see and imagine is present, but did u ever try to contemplate total emptiness, like the universe getting absrobed and vanishing, like it never had existed, god disappearing, like he never existed, hell and heaven, everything, all energy, just total emptiness for eternity, with no possible chance at life or anything else ever existing.

    That thought kinda freaks me out. But it is impossible now, since whatever this is, is here, so total emptiness for eternity is impossible, cuz what is this then. I once tried to contemplate that idea and when i pictured it perfectly in my head, i couldnt hold the thought anymore it was so freaky.

    I know this question is related to the origin of life and meaning of life. Something must of had triggered something.


    And I'm here today, kinda hard for me to believe it's random, so even if I left the evil church of christianity I still can't embrace Atheism.

    All I can be sure of is me, I am me, and I'm not anyone else, sometimes I think that others around me, could be just robots and I'm in some dream or experiment.

    Anyway, so anything at this point is possible, there isn't just the concrete, there could also be hidden things or the occult.

    Necessary illusion is important for humans, thus why religions exist, I try to create my own 'sacre', I guess u'd say SACRED in english, my own fantasy.

    Scientifical atheists consider themselves random machines, literally, kinda hard for me to connect to that.
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    I know what you mean regarding both topics.

    I once tried to figure out where God came from. I was around 10 years old. Sat on the bed and closed my eyes and I was determined to figure it out. Within 30 seconds I had the single biggest headache of my life. Needless to say I left the idea alone. God is God and I left it at that. I was always inquisitive so usually I can't just "leave it at that." This is my one and only exception.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against what anyone else believes. Christian, Muslim, Atheist, whatever. Hey, whatever gets you through the day. I'm open minded like that. :cool:

    EDIT: Believe whatever so long as it doesn't infringe upon the rights of everyone else. Sometimes I turn on the news and feel that I'm the only one who thinks that way. :sad:

    I was raised Methodist in a very southern environment so Christianity was always at the forefront of my upbringing and it continues to be. Honestly, it's the biggest single reason I haven't yet blown my brains out. So, I definitely believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

    Too bad mankind has completely bastardized religion for his own gain. :sad: It's the reason I read the Bible and believe it's not entirely accurate. Its the reason I don't trust the majority of religious figures. Its the reason I now prescribe to Spirituality more than Religion.
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