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My girlfriend has just admitted to me that her dad hits her... I really want kill that fucking piece of shit!!! And she's thinks she deserves it! I wanna get her out of there right now, I wanna kill him...


noone deserves that..i think you should get her out of there..have her stay with you a while and tell her to contact the authorities about it..i will pray for her and you
I can't get her out of there though, she wont let me. I'm gonna loose her whatever I do. I'm going completely crazy. I've cut, I've thrown up... I'm useless. Should just die now


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Ummm.... well calm down first.... take the legal route like a sane person.... because as they say "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind"

Just do what you can to protect her that is the safest thing that you can do.
Malcontent - don't do anything drastic that'll bite you in the butt. Like Forgotten_Man says, take the legal route. Keep your cool, stay away, or you could end up in jail.

How old is she?

Does she live with mom and dad or just dad?

any siblings?

I take it you haven't met him? have you been dating long?

You can make a phone call to the police, tell them everything that you know, and remain anonymous. At least we can here in the states.

It doesn't really matter if he's doing it right then (not likely) or even recently. I might be enough for him to know they know.



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:hug: mal

I'm so sorry you're in this situation hun, it really can't be easy for you and i'm not surprised you're feeling the way you are.

Its tought that she won't leave, but at the end of the day you can't force her. I think the best thing to do is to talk to her, let her know that you want her to leave, that she doesn't deserve it, that you will always be there for her, that you will never do that to her.

You could go the legal route, and as much as i think this is right i think you might also risk her resenting you for getting her dad in trouble.

Offer her your support, your love and your gentleness. I hope something gets sorted soon whatever the solution is hun.

Lizzy. xxx
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