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totally devastated...

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I wasn't thinking about doing it soon, I wast thinking at least after the holidays, but a few hours ago I felt strong urge to get it over with, just to end it, without a suicide note I was planning to write, without seeing a few things that I was still planning to in a next few days...

This is horrible :(, untill now i felt seriously suicidal, but this time an attempt was near... Now I feel idiotic and devastated... I feel I can't do anything anymore :no: , I'M THINKING ONLY ABOUT F****** SUICIDE ALL DAYS, LITERALLY!!!!!!!!! I can't concentrate on anything esle... I really want to die, but I'm sure I can make something more of my life, but I have no idea how... I think I'll go insane... I'm not sure if I can kill myself, but it seems like the only really good thing to do...This is so miserable...


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:hug: :hug: Dunno what to say, other than been there hun and if you can just stick with it it will hopefully pass.


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Hi and so sad to hear how you are feeling...have you sought help for these feelings? I have been where I suppose you are and now am attempting to live a more safe and comfortable life...please PM me if I can be there for you...big hugs, Jackie
Hm, strangely, I feel much, much better today... :huh: But I fear these feelings will come back sooner or later (sooner, probably...) :sad:

Yes, I'm obtaining professional support... My therapist proposed a medication therapy to me, so I'm thinking about that recently...

Anyways, thanks for your support, people :hug:
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HI hopeless, glad to hear U are doing better. Remember, there is always hope. And suicide is NOT the answer ever! Even when U are going crazy and insane, it is better to bear it than to give in.
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