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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by MorganaNever, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. MorganaNever

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    I saw my mom after a fucking year. I always thought shes someone else and that she supported me. Now she and my brother came to visit me for 7 days. I was so excited and she totally let me down. I finally remember living with her was a fucking pain too.

    Since she got here she is depressed, distracted and totally fuckig lost. She just bitches and complains. We used to have fun on trips, shes now so damn lethargic and disinterested.

    Sucks cause me and my brother are really close and both me and him were thrilled about this. Wed have so much fun, and we do, but then we look at her and shes fucking insane. Even he is so pissed at her. Im trying so fucking hard to be enthusiastic and show them some great stuff and im really sick of her shit.

    Thats who i stayed alive for? Shes a pessimistic critical depressing person. I probably have all this fucked up problems wih my life cause of her. Even the worst sides of my partner are reflections of her controling, paranoid bs. Shes so bitter.
    I cant habdle her without my stepdad and he couldnt come.

    I feel so shitty. And regardless of my problems in my relationship, she really does nothing to even try to have some form of relationship with my partner. She jusy ignores everything.

    All she does is bitch about how im "anorexic" which i think is becoming pathological since ive always been the same my whole fucking life but as soon as im not under her shit im so anorexic she cant look at me without crying and dumb melodrama and eveb quotes people who agree with her. Me and my brother both cant handle it anymore since we want to fucking enjoy thia week.

    Great my grandma and grandpa died and with them my whole family went to hell and my mom is obviously determined to be a miserable person who thinks everything is horrible. Fuck her too. Ill run away from them all. Obviously theres nothing i can do for a person who is determined to hate everything.
  2. Did/had your mom seeked help/treatment from a counsellor before? Why don't you and your brother bring her to consult a psy doctor and ask for a counsellor? :hug:

    Both you and your bro deserved the joy and fun you guys should have.. It's time your mom needs some counsellor to help her..

    :hug: to you and your brother.. Go have some fun.. Don't let your mom affect you..
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    Maybe it's best to cut her out of your life if she is so hostile towards you. At least you have your brother and you can support each other. There's no need to have someone in your life who is constantly negative and puts you down.
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