Totally hypocritical

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  1. Madam Mim

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    I've been told before that I am a person of great contradiction. Almost everything I say or feel has two sides to it, to the point where I occasionally wonder how many personalities I have! Anyway, this site brings out the hypocrisy in me because reading all your posts makes me feel so bad for you, I just want to take everyone else's pain away and make things better. I don't believe that anyone here deserves to be in the pain they feel, and I feel that any problem can be overcome with time and a little effort. Except my own. I truly believe that suicide is not the answer, but only when it comes to other people. Why am I so convinced that I can't be helped?!

    This contradication is everywhere; I don't want to die, but I don't want to live, and I hide my pain so well, but I still want someone to notice. And then when someone does notice, I lie and work on hiding it even better.

    What the hell is wrong with me?!
  2. Forgotten_Man

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    Yeah I hate how hypocritical I am on this site as well. I say stuff like "Hang in there" and "You just need to take a chance" and I do not ever do any of that stuff. I should just quit while I am ahead.
  3. Things

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    Meh, this type of "hypocrisy" is common. I do the same thing.

    Hide away while wishing someone will notice, tell everyone things will get better when I feel like it won't for me, all that. :/