totally lost it now gave up

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i am totally giving up all hoep now yeah im drunk but i dont care i just want to end it all sorry guys thanks for all the ehh support love n hugz n all that jazz


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I wish you guys would post how you were going to kill yourself to atleast make it interesting for us. I guess now it's a bit too late maybe. People should post their suicide method it should be stickied.

C you bye bye


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hi jazz

Booze is a depressant. If you drink loads you get depressed. If you leave the booze for a while your brain chemicals 'normalise' and the requirement to die might calm down. Booze is great, but its shit in that respect!

speaking of calming down.

how do you do rojer?

Im new here myself, but welcome!
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hi rojer.

to be honest im a bit lost as to what your getting at

anyway, i have some cider to demolish

wishing you well

People have good days and bad days Rojer, so asking someone how they're doing isn't a funny question at all. And as for the methods idea...we're strictly a pro-life site, so methods wouldn't be sticked, they'd be edited out. By me, or another mod.
Just a heads up.
I'm sorry you're feeling so bad IPlayDead...I hope you've reconsidered at least until you're sober and can think about it a bit better... :hug:
Please be safe!
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