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totally ovewelmed and not coping

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by AngelsStar, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. AngelsStar

    AngelsStar Guest

    ok in fairness i have been like this for weeks. i have had huge amout of uni work to do which has me feel totally sinking and petrified that i wont get it done..its my final yr. so its vry stresful. thank goodness its nearly over. thursday and i can breathe... i hope.

    i have been utterly exhausted for weeks, sleeping a bit but then feeling totally exhausted when wake up and like i havnt slept at all.

    im battling with voices telling me i need to be ok for everyone andthat i have to look after my friends. all my best friends r struggling...and there is o way i wont be there for them but id like to be able to just say... im not ok but i dont wantthem to think they have to be ok for me... hippocrit i know.

    im due to go home for xmas, back to my paents... i dont know how ill cope with that, im this low now, let alone back there. parents r non understanding of mydepression and think i should just get on wth it etc and wen on th rare occassions i do speak with the depression fuel my words im being told im being difficult.

    just not coping at all
  2. RichardT

    RichardT Member

    I wish I could just pull everyone on this site aside and let them know about all the instability and illness I fought through, and cleared up from taking care of my health...Cleansing out candida, parasites, heavy metals, taking a good multi vitamin......Your brain is part of your body. It doesn't function independantly...Do me a favour...go look up and research these things, and start doing it....Honestly. I am not saying it's a cure all...There are a lot of emotional and phycological needs to be addressed, but taking care of your body by cleansing those three things out, and supplementing with a multi, enzymes, probiotics and cutting out gluten and dairy and sugar would help a ton! You would sleep much much better, have more energy...be able to think clearly ,have emotions that are smooth and easy to handle yet at the same time fell really connected...If you did these things you would have a new lease on life....I swear it..God Bless you.