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Tp everyone that has ever meant anything to me

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u'll c who I am in time

I have decided to end my life. I hope my wishes are respected. I have given it some careful thought. I know people will be hurt, but I have taken extensive measures to enable them to deal with what I have decided to do. I expect them to grieve, but they will be able to rebuild their lives. I have made sure of that. I could have lived out this life, but I d much rather not. I have done as much on this planet as I needed to. I have fulfilled my obligations and now I just would like to say goodbye. I have not reached this decision on the spur of the moment. I have given it careful consideration, over a number of years, I have thought about all possible options and decided, that for me, personally this was the best choice. I was not unhappy when I was here, I had some amazing times and I have known some amazing people, but I do not want to live any longer, it would be counterproductive. I would rather die content than live a life I no longer to wish to live. I have written notes to most people I know, if somebody does not receive a note, I am leaving my explanation here. I am going to enjoy the remainder of time I decide to spend in this life. And then I am going to end this life. I will not die looking a state. I will straighten my hair, put on some nice clothes and then end this life. I am just wrapping a few things up first and tying up all loose ends.

This post is NOT intended to trigger. I just hope that the right people will find this and identify me. I want them to know that I really appreciated crossing paths with them in this life and they enriched my time here - I am so grateful to have known them. As I said this is NOT a spur of the moment decision, this is NOT intended to punnish anyone - a decision to end your life is a MAJOR one, so you MUST give it extensive thought, and not reach the decision based on anger, pain or emotion. You MUST consider those you leave behind - as you have a responsibility towards them - put yourself in their shoes. And you MUST tie up all loose ends. I hope the right people read this and RESPECT my wish, but do not copy it. I am merely doing what is right for me - based on my individual experiences/ resources/ circumstances - you can not extrapolate that to the rest of the world. I DO NOT want anybody to copy me - this is an INDIVIDUAL act, you have no idea how much thought I have put into this - I have not left ANYTHING behind.

I am thankful for all I have been given in this life and all the oppertunities I had. I have had an awesome life.

All the best wishes. Just telling people I am pleased I crossed paths with them and that they made a huge impression on my life is not adequate. But thats all I can say in writting.


There is nothing anybody could have done to stop me, I knew how to avoid getting caught. I am pretty intellegent like that for several reasons, the right people will know why. I am good at concealing things.

I only pray that this post does not trigger. It is simply a message to those I love...who may find some connection with me here if they know where to look.

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Ok uhm, sorry for the late reply, I'm not sure who you are. But I want to know if you tried everything to feel better, medication, shrink, social work, doc, that kind of stuff. Because it really can help. I really can understand you dont want to live longer and i know you have thought about it for a while. But you have to work for it, for feeling better. I dont know what to say, I just hope you will look for help, consider it again. Hopefully will feel better in a while, so no one will get hurt. And I guess it would be nice to know who you are.


I am not deppressed, I dont need help - I would not make a decision as significant as this if I was deppressed, cos I know that then the depression would be clouding my judgement. I dont feel down, I just know that ending this life is the right decision for me. I hope people will respect that. No, I dont think you would know who I was, but there are people that will read this post in time and identify me - guess it will give them some insight into my life and mayb some comfort.
Take care
i think i know whot his is but even if i dont i hope you do reconsider b/c im sure it will hurt a lot of people. There are people that love you whether you see it or not. HUGS


I know there are people that love me, of course I do. I have taken that in to consideration, but at the end of the day I guess you have to do whats right for you. At the end of the day, it is MY life and MY choice. I just hope the people I love will respect that. Sure they will be hurt, very hurt, but I have made sure that they will all be able to continue with their lives, eventually, after greiving the loss.


Have you made sure the people who love you will not spend the rest of their lives blaming themselves? Because that is what happens. The people you leave behind may go on living in the flesh, but inside, they die the same time you do. It's not like a natural death, that we can grieve and move on from. Suicide leaves the loved ones feeling they didn't do enough, or what they did was all wrong, etc. etc. It's just that you seem to have thought of everything but that. I don't know who you are but I truly wish the best for you.


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You think you have everything covered, but i can almost guarantee there are still things you did not consider. The effect on those left behind cannot be predicted. Your last minute thoughts cannot be predicted. At that time it may be too late. I could think of many things, but don't want to post them here. I know you said it is not a rash decision, but well thought through. i still have hope that you can and will change your mind. Yes it is your life and ultimately your choice. Noone can make that decision for you. All I am asking is that you postpone this decision. Talk with someone you trust and respect. Please give it a little more time. :hug:


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Why now? Of all the times I have been where you seem to be, I question why I was more desperate at those times than others...like many ppl here, I too did not get the luck of the draw as far as some aspects of my life are concerned, but like yourself, I have ppl who respect and care about me...why isn't that enough? if I can be there for you, in any way I can, please let me know...I have decided to live, and take suicide off the table...it is much harder in many ways, but the rewards are priceless...I cannot say I am always warm and fuzzy about living, but with the changes in my perceptions about what to expect from life and ppl, I have found so many treasured experiences that I would have missed if I let the monster of exiting have her way...hope you can find something/someone worth holding on to and if these things/ppl escape you now, please contact me, and maybe we can find them together...big hugs


It is not desperation talking, it is a well thought out decision, I know I will hurt other people, but I have to do what is right for me. Of course I have not done it yet - that just shows I am not rushing in to this. I am tying up loose ends with EVERYONE I have met in this life, sorting out evertthing and gonna enjoy every moment I decide to remain here. I hope people respect my wish, after all, if they are hurt, which I guess they will be, at the end of the day it is MY body and MY life, so I should be able to decide what to do with it. xxx
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