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    I was born a male but would prefer to spend most of my alone time as a woman. This obviously creates problems with my dating life, which i already have troubles with (If I were interested in men this would not be a problem). I don't know what to do about this problem. I can either supress it or be alone... Finding someone who is accepting of it has proven near impossible.
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    how does it differ
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    On every dating site where i have listed myself as transgender. I have received vast numbers of messages from men. I'm not gay/bi.
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    maybe try a site for trans in particular
    i use to be on one, susans. was ok
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    Their are many trans dating sites out there. You also have the option of gay bars. I know a lot of trans girls that prefer to date only women and find what they are looking for at day bars
    You can also list on any dating site making it clear up front you are trans and interested in girls only.

    As you already know, dating as a trans girl can be tough, it can also be very dangerous. Please be careful and always meet in public places and let at least one person know where you are going and when you think you might be home.

    A lot of girls I know do not tell their dates they are trans. Its a big debate on every web site and in any group session. The answer to when is always up to you, but please remember that deceit will only get you in trouble in the end.

    Yes, I'm trans. I have been living full time for over 2 years and post op for 20mths. So I do have a clue as to the difficulties.

    PM me if you'd like to talk private

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    Try this site Frager

    or phone their recorded info line for telephone numbers of members who are also people you can chat to - they are trangender themselves

    (+44) (0)1582 412220

    Feel free to pm if you wish to chat

    tc Frager



    (moderators: this phone number is The Beaumont Society, not personal so please do not edit unless you have to - Thanks xXx)