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Transgender Identity

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I recently encountered a problem here on SF, where members were confused about my gender, and being that it is such a complicated thing to describe in chat I decided to create this thread to clear up the issue.

First let me say that this is in no way sexual.. This is who I am.

I was born male but wish to one day become female. I took the user name Georgia Lass, not to try and trick anyone into thinking I was something I'm not.. but because that is going to be my real name when I become who I was meant to be (a woman).

I would also appreciate it if everyone here would refer to me in the female pronouns, but I understand if you don't want to because I know it's a little weird.. It would mean a great deal to me though. :bubbles:

This article on Transgender Identity from Wikipedia is very helpful: Wikipedia: Transgender

Also, let me add this quote from the same article:

(Trans-)gender identity is a fundamentally different concept than that of sexual orientation. Sexual orientations among transgender people vary just as much as they do among cisgender (non-transgender) people.
If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them. :smile:

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Hey georgia, no problem :hug:
I hope you'll be a female soon
You already are, but from the outside
Take care hun :cheekkiss
People here tend to be pretty accepting of transgender issues etc, but if you find anyone here is making fun of you or something, let me know. This site is for everyone.

Take care :cool:


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My mate had the operation 2 weeks ago to become a proper woman.

She was born male, but as long as i've known her, she's been living as a female and even goes to a lesbian womens drop-in group that i go to.

She'd been waiting for over 10 years for this op to happen, and now it has finally come true.


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Thanks for letting us know in such a polite way Georgia. I would have no problems referring to you as she. :) I hope you are at home here. Take care. :hug:
Thanks for letting us know in such a polite way Georgia. I would have no problems referring to you as she. :) I hope you are at home here. Take care. :hug:
What a wonderful place I found here, and such great people! Thank you!


I bet it is expensive. Good Luck!
It wouldn't be that bad if it was coverd by insureance ... but hey, what can you do right? :rolleyes:


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Welcome Georgia Lass;

You'll be a lassie to me if that's what you desire - I'm very accomodating. You are the person you feel you are on the inside. Being born male but feeling female must be awfully frustrating. I hope this is soon settled for you so that you can begin your life as you want it to be. Good luck and please stick around - we're great listeners and and good at giving comfort and support.

love and hugs and hope,



I have always felt that the true person is who they are on the inside and not what the outside flesh is. That being said welcome to the forum, I don't think I have seen your posts but thanks for being upfront with this, I respect courage when I see it and I think in this day and age it takes a lot to stand out and be upfront about such things.


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thanks for the info Georgia.

I have no problem referring to you as being female, if that's what you want and that's how you feel most comfortable. :smile:

I also wish you a warm welcome to the forum here and pm me anytime :wink:

Hey Georgia,

I have no problem with that at all! the outer flesh is just our body, what we live in, but it's not who we are. And thank you for sorting this out, so no confussion later on. Glad to have you on SF!!! I hope you stick around hun...and you can message me anytime at all.

Take care :hug: :hug:



Transgender ? No, it doesn't matter. I already thought of you as female to begin with. I wish you a swift and painless journey.
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