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  1. ATLAFlame

    ATLAFlame Banned Member

    Hey, I'm a 21 year old male to female transgender/transsexual.
    Just here for support and to support
  2. saturniidae

    saturniidae Member

    <3 I don't know if I'll be much help....the only thing I'm good at is listening. I also came here to maybe look for support.
    You can always message me if you ever just need someone to talk to. x
  3. ATLAFlame

    ATLAFlame Banned Member

    Thank you
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hiyas and welcome! I am sure you will find lots of support here. I do hope you can find some peace within yourself to feel a bit better. Hugs!
  5. Unknown_111

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    Welcome to the forum. I admire what you are going through at a such young age especially as you are self-helping. You will find great support here.
  6. ATLAFlame

    ATLAFlame Banned Member

    Thank you. :)
  7. random33

    random33 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums :) we are here for you, feel free to share/vent whatever you like an feel confortable with.

    Best of luck.
  8. ATLAFlame

    ATLAFlame Banned Member

    Thank you all for your welcomes. :)
  9. W Miller

    W Miller Well-Known Member

    Hey, best wishes to you, and I wish you happiness in your life. I'm sorry you are feeling poorly atm, and we are here to listen, if nothing else.
  10. prefab

    prefab Account Closed

    Hi, I hope you find the support that you need. When I was younger I told two close female friends that I wanted to transition. I was hoping for understanding, but I got ridicule. Please, don't make the same mistake as me. People will always laugh at what they don't understand. I suppose what I'm trying to say is live your life the way that you were meant to, and don't let others dictate. I turned out to be a miserable 33yr old all because others' narrow mindedness. All the best for the future.
  11. ATLAFlame

    ATLAFlame Banned Member

    Thank you, i too suffered abuse at the hands of my now ex girlfriend, she being brought up religiously, despised the idea of anything other than a "normal" relationship. Suffice to say we are no longer together die to this abuse, however a long time ago i swore I'd never leave someone who needed me, so we still talk, but i am no longer in love with her and don't want to be with her in that way anymore