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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Gingie, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Gingie

    Gingie Active Member

    Ok, I was on this site a long time ago before I even transitioned. It was only for a brief period but I pulled out of it. I think then I was going by the name Tara. Now I've been actually living as a woman for about a year and I've been on hormones for a few months now. I decided on the name Ginger.

    Right now I'm in a new crisis. I live in the United States and as you know we don't have many options if you don't have rich parents. I can't afford laser hair removal, implants, SRS, maybe FRS, ect. It seems there are only two things that girls like me that don't have rich parents do, well there is a third in a sense. But the two are, either prostitution or porn. Prostitution seems way to dangerous for me so I've been considering porn even though it goes against a lot of what I'm for. The third option is wait 10-15 years. There is no way I can make it through that amount of time, I'm having a problem with making it through today. Hopefully someone knows something that I don't. I really need help here.

  2. Gingie

    Gingie Active Member

    Ok I'm not doing well at all I need help. I feel overwhelmed and idk what I'm going to do.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I as sorry you are suffering so and overwhelmed with everything Is there not a support group you can attend to help you. Do you not have a therapist a doctor who can give you some options. I really don't know how to help except to tell you to reach out to supports at your hospital they will know take care okay stay safe.
  4. Gingie

    Gingie Active Member

    I'm trying. I do have some support groups but I'm afraid of saying that I'm suicidal. I'm afraid that they will call someone and have me put in an institution. When I was a child I was put in one for a day by accident. My sister made something up because she was mad at me. It was traumatic for me being there. One thing that I learned while I was there is to never say your suicidal to someone that is supposed to help because you will be put there. That's how a few where there. I didn't even say that I was at the time. My sister said I said it to someone, which was a lie. I don't know how I'm supposed to trust people NOT to put me there. Don't they have too?
  5. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    i told my therapist that i've had suicidal ideations but no date and no plan per se. he didn't make a big deal out of it so that's good. i didn't tell him that i think about it almost daily. i didn't tell him that i have thought of specifics. i didn't tell him i've made rough drafts of notes. but all that being said, he is helping me some and i don't think i have to share everything with him.

    sorry if i'm ranting a bit, it's late and i'm exhausted. but i hope that you do find some help. trans people have a tough road in my views. i'm gay but these days it's fairly well accepted. hang in there, my sister.
  6. White_Darkness

    White_Darkness Well-Known Member

    I told several therapists and professionals that I was suicidal when I still went to therapy sessions but none of them made a big deal out of it.

    Thing is that if you're over the age of 18, they can't put you anywhere without your consent. So I think you should tell your doctor about your feelings, about your problems.. Maybe he/she will be able to give you the help you need.
  7. suicider628

    suicider628 Well-Known Member

    if u want to be the other gender, you don't have to look physically like one....
  8. Rose24

    Rose24 Chat & Forum Buddy

    you may not need laser or implants etc. Once you start your hormone replacement therapy you'll gain secondary female sexual charecteristics. If you have health insurance, it should cover the cost of HRT. There are many transgender/transwomen societies and charities you can approach for support.

    As for suicide, unless you tell a dr that you are acutely suicide, ie you have a method, date, equipment etc, they are are unlikely to take any "real" action.
  9. Gingie

    Gingie Active Member

    Yea I've been on hormones for a bit. It doesn't help with facial hair though so I have to use a lot of make up tricks. I completely pass in public now. I was just in the hospital and missed about 3 weeks of class and the semester is ending soon. I'm just so overwhelmed by everything. It's like I pass in public and I'm still breaking down. It's just so much on my back T_T
  10. sarah2501

    sarah2501 Member

    Hi Ginger,
    First off it sounds like your thinking in order to transition I need to do all this and I need to do it now - which is very overwhelming.

    The way I coped was to break it down into little chunks and put them into priority. I admit I was helped by the NHS for my GRS.

    Whats the most important to you? What care pathway are you on and what timescales does that dicatate? What surgeon choices have you considered?

    If your passing ok then I think you can drop the FFS requirement to the very bottom of the list if at all.

    Implants - can these wait? or do you feel they are very important to you?

    Time is on yourside, and I would say that the Social aspects of transition are most important right now - and hair removal should probably be top of your priorities - can you afford this right now? could you make lifestyle changes to enable you to afford it? Also consider VANIQA cream for hair removal - though I'm not sure how the costs compare where you are?

    Doing this gives you the time to consider how your going to afford GRS, what surgeon options there are, locations etc.

    You talked about the semester ending soon - what career options are you looking at, when will you be looking at working fulltime - what options will this give your for savings in the (near) future?

    The 2 'quick fixes' you mentioned might sound tempting but you don't want to ruin your health or your future prospects which could happen.

    Sorry rambled to much, not sure if anything I've said has helped.
    Sarah x

    P.S. Another option you didn't mention (though I keep trying and its not worked yet :unsure: ) 2 15 19 27 41 10
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