Trapped by him.

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    With darkness all around me it seems to box me in,
    Not a ray of light can hit my eyes and my demise soon begins.

    My hands held up pushing, against the constricting walls,
    my knees begin to buckle and i begin to fall.

    The wall still around me and i fall into the pit,
    a heat upon my face and soon i begin to slip,
    into the hands of him, the one who causes my pain,
    the one that tortures me daily, and keeps my locked in his brain.

    I scream to be let out and say what i need,
    but he keeps me locked inside here, no matter how much i plead.

    I can show myself in only a few ways,
    to you and others around him,
    a cut here and there with the odd scar,
    and the tears produced are my freedom,

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.