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  1. johnw

    johnw New Member

    I was born a female but identify as male. I don't feel like I can come out as male to everybody since I live in a country where the rates of violence against transgender people are really high. It is really not safe and there is no-one to whom I can talk about this. There are no groups or therapists that specialize in transgender issues around me, and going somewhere else now would be too expensive. Every single day I just want to die since I feel trapped twice.. first of all, trapped in a female body. Second, trapped in such a backwards society without the possibility of going away or moving abroad fast enough. Every single day is unbearable and there is nothing I can do. Every time someone uses my female given name or female pronouns is like the last drop. I feel like I can't stand this much longer.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am sorry you are not feeling safe hun It must be so hard for you to be trapped like you are. Do you have a therapist hun that you feel safe to talk to You are safe here so at least you are not alone now There are other members here that do understand hun Hugs
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi there, that does sound like a really tough situation. Have you tried calling a hotline or even emailing the samaritans, the sams will not judge , their site is and of course you could use us for support too. This site has a chatroom too, join in if you feel up to it. :)
  4. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I am VERY glad you are here. And am sorry that your circumstances are the way they are. in addition to posting here. there is a very good website I hope you will check out. Its called the Trevor Project. It is for GBLT people who need support. Trevor was a young guy who took his life. And thus the website was started to help prevent other GBLT younger people from taking their life.

    As you know all too well, life can be just too difficult to navagate alone when you are GBLT or Q ( questioning). ( you can google the website and then take a look around). There is an option there to sign up for online chat time with helpers.

    But please, keep coming here, if you want. Because you deserve lots of support. And I happen to think this is a great website / community
  5. idc

    idc Active Member

    I'm a straight male,born in a male body.But I empathize with you,that is a horrible crushing situation you are in.Transgenders have it bad enough but where ever you live you are saying makes it doubly worse.So there are no groups or therapists available for you.Identifying as a male i'm assuming your inclination is to be with women.If im wrong im sorry.I have to imagine having someone to be intimate with (man or women)would help.Assuming you want to be with anyone if you found someone who understood you.Maybe you could find a site online where you could find someone who you connect with that understands you and is compatable.Maybe that would make things less worse,or even happy,until you could move abroad?I really feel for you tho
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