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  1. see

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    I am trapped in a circle it never stops i need to get out cant do this for the rest of my life i know it wont change because i am the problem...

    I hate weekends they just are so much harder to get trough most ppl are with ther friends and family out and about doing stuff while i sit here and rot

    my moods ride this roller coaster of ups and downs with in an blink of a eye it drops twist and turns leaving a hollow in th pit of my stomach confused surrounded by those very dark toughts treatening to take my soul is it worth holding on figthing how long do i keep doing this...........
  2. lost_soul

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    i know we haven't talked much. but your thread hits home. i've been on the rollercoaster from hell for a while. sorry to hear you are on the same ride. but in reallity, we are all on the same ride.
    i hate this ride called life, but i am still here and fighting.
    the secret that i have found is that ppl care and i care about them too.
    takecare of yourself and if you ever want or need to you can pm or im me anytime .ok
  3. liveinhope

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    for as long as we need to hun, im so sorry ur feeling this way i want u to stay strong to hang in there with me we have climbed many mountains together and may have many more to climb but i cant do that alone.
    I care about u and wont let u down please keep safe
  4. savetoniqht

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    :sad: :sad: i'm so sorry. :hug: feel better.. :sad: :hug:
  5. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    yea jcat we r all on a rollercoaster i couldnt agree more