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  1. Barbados

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    Recently I've been visiting a psychiatrist but I've found they havent helped me whatsoever, they dont take me seriously when I say I'm depressed because I find it hard to talk about, then they seem to think I've told them everything yet I've hardly told them anything atall because they make it so hard. I feel that the only way I can get them to do anything is to attempt suicide because anything besides that goes in one ear and out the other and then I have to wait weeks until I next go there. This whole week I've been so close to just putting the rope around my neck and doing it. What can I do? I'm stuck :sad:
  2. Ignored

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    I have to say that attempting suicide is not a good way to get people to listen to you, in my experience. However, persistance, knowing what you want to say and saying it continually until they get the message is a better way. So too is having someone to speak for you, be it an advocate, a friend or family member cos for some inexplicable reason these people seem to listen more to others rather than to us. But attempting suicide is a bad idea... it doesn't make them listen and, of course, it could potentially backfire and you could die.
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    This person your going to to seek help, seems to be only in it for the money.
    Try finding some one else who can understand you better. A more attuned psychiatrist. :dry:

    psychiatrist go to schooling and study the causes and effects of the mind. This does not mean that they can 100% understand everyone.

    I have the same problem. When someone asks me
    'Tell me about what's bothering you, what are you thinking.'

    I can't. It comes out as if nothing is wrong at all.
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