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  1. I watched a show knowing it would trigger me but I still watched it. What followed was about an hour of mutilating myself. Theres no where for me to turn. I've got 3 ideas of what to do at the moment. Part of me wants to just kill myself and get it over with. Another part of me wants to cause incredible pain and suffering in someone to try to lower them to how I am feeling now. And 1 tiny sliver of me wants to get help, which I won't do.

    I have nowhere to turn in life and nowhere to turn on this forum either. I'm too shy to reply to anything anyone says to me here. I've got nowhere else to turn and I'm thinking my first option is sounding really good right about now.
  2. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    Would you like to share with us the way you feel?
    Are you depressed or emotionless?
    What is it going on in your head right now? Memorys? Thoughts? Visions?
    Do you get any sort of help? Medications? Therapy?
    For how long do you have those feelings?
  3. I go through stages of being ok to feeling great to suicidal depression. I don't receive any treatment or therapy as I have pulled off to most people that I am normal. As for how long, I can feel normal for about a few days max then maybe a day of feeling great then about a week of feeling like shit.
  4. Hi friend,
    Feeling lonely and depressed is common part of life but the thoughts that you want to cause pain to others to bring them to your level is not right since you are going through that pain you know how you feel so when you feel the pain do u think its right for you to cause the same pain to someone you might love ,care or might not even know ...Everyone has tough times i have probably toughter time than you have which you do not know beacuse you dont know what i am going and have gone through but i do feel low and honestly i did try to cut my wirst but to hurt others is not just right ...its ok to feel low depressed at times beacuse this is life but just think about it if some gives you the same pain that you wish to give them how would you feel ..when you are proably having a good decent life...
    If you beileve in GOD close your eyes and think of will find him close to you ....
    Take care and think about what i said...
    God Bless you
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    Have you considered the fact that you dont deal with your issues the right way?
    1. Maybe you have BiPolar disorder? if so there is no way to avoid treatment
    unless you want to stay like this your whole life.
    2. Why did you pulled off people? Do you want the best for yourself or the worst?

    So as you can see, uless you change your approach to yourself
    things will not get any better, and left pitty dosnt help at all.
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