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Trashy Cum Dumpsters!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by emozillapwnsyourface, May 20, 2011.

  1. emozillapwnsyourface

    emozillapwnsyourface Well-Known Member

    Your a dumb **** i want to utterly destroy your exsistance. Your just a waste of space. So you deicde to talk shit about me? Ill knock your teeth down your ***** throut. Lie and act like your a model? They wouldnt even call your nasty ass! I know a model who was on Opera over the summer modeling wedding dresses. Your not fooling anyone! And then you say that Stephan personally told you that he raped his sister? Wow what a liar?! He has better things in his life to just fucking talk to you. Your just causing the rumors to spread again about him! If you try to piss me off next week i will destroy you.:mad::mad::mad:
  2. icequeen

    icequeen Well-Known Member

    ok you sound really really angry...feel like elaborating? :hug: for your pain
  3. emozillapwnsyourface

    emozillapwnsyourface Well-Known Member

    girls at my school are so trashy. Why are people so mean? Like seriously? Theres people bullying others for no reason what so ever and i dont get it. I know kids who go home crying because its so bad. I really dont care that she thinks shes so hardcore talking about me behind my back and not to my face because shes a damn puss.