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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by blackbirdfly, May 11, 2013.

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  1. blackbirdfly

    blackbirdfly Well-Known Member

    So I have a quick story:
    My girlfriend and I love each other a lot. We were basically living together for 6 months during college until the summer came around. I failed out and her parents weren't going to pay for her to go back, so we were stranded.

    By that time, we both formed some bad habits (drinking, smoking, other stuff, etc.) so when we got split up, we both fell deep into that stuff. We both pretty much stopped talking to each other for 7 months because of our drug habits. I ended up getting help (rehab, etc.) and I've been clean since October. She took a little longer, but she's doing much better now too. In February we finally got back together, sober and serious.

    Here's where the problem came: cheating. We cheated on each other. a lot. A LOT. Not just with one person either, we both slept around with 4-5 other people while we were apart. I can't handle it. I feel like I'm going crazy over this. Anytime I think about any of those guys with her, I want to kill everyone, and then kill myself. Some days I'm okay, but most of the time I want to die.

    What can I do to move on from the pain? I feel so dead. :(
  2. What were you both seeking? What were you looking for, in those other people?
  3. blackbirdfly

    blackbirdfly Well-Known Member

    We were both in a lot of pain from being split apart and we just wanted to feel the way we did when we were together. We both tried to just forget each other because it was too painful thinking about being apart
  4. katrina77

    katrina77 Guest

    I'd say that maybe some counseling, maybe even together, might be a good idea. You were both going through a lot of pain, and trying to get your lives together. I don't think it was so much cheating on each other, as just trying to work out all the things in your life that were causing you pain.

    But you've obviously come so far, both of you. It would be a real shame to let things that happened in the past ruin it for you. Get whatever help you need to move on. Maybe she feels the same way about the relationships you were in? Talk it through, do whatever is needed, and move on.

    I wish you both, all the best.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.