Treading Water

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by BelovedDreamer, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough.
    I cared.
    God knows why,
    but you moved me like no other ever has.
    Don’t call it love
    because that would make me all too young,
    but I cared.
    I ripped something in me wide open
    told you to take what you needed
    and you crashed through every barrier
    drew me down
    left me breathless, pounding,
    and then fell out from beneath,
    without a whimper or a bang,
    just too many words and a silence.
    I am the walking wounded
    like knows like
    the word tattooed across our foreheads
    dual declaration.
    I knew too much, you knew me not.
    You filled me till I could not breathe
    till all the grief you carried filled me too.
    With nowhere else to go it filled my head
    it filled my eyes
    and blinded I slashed numbly at the world.
    Tried to make an exit wide enough
    through which a tide of fear
    and friction
    of firsts
    and failed love could pour.
    Though you found the way in
    I can’t find the way out,
    and even now
    treading water in the wake of my personal Katrina
    trying to keep my head above water,
    I wonder where you are,
    if you’re safe
    or if you’re somewhere treading water too.
  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Simply beautiful. I felt the words in my tummy xx
  3. redheadsweetie

    redheadsweetie Active Member

    very good thanks for sharing
  4. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    so beautiful and so sad.:sad: You sure have a gift with expression.
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