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Treated badly because I accept it

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Argh. I'm so fucking angry. My 'fiance' makes my life absolute hell I can't take anymore! He went out with his friends last night as per usual so all day he's been hungover and didn't go work. I've had a flu for a week but I can't take any time off cos I've got so many big projects going on at work! I get home after a day of work and pick him up to bring him home, I said I'm too I'll and tired to cook so let's get a takeaway and he was like yeah ok. Then I go to order one and he changes his mind, I order only for me despite asking him 100000 times and when my food got there surprise surprise he wants some. I ate, had a bath, ran him a bath which is a daily chore of mine, I've fetched him about 5 drinks, because he literally wont even get up to do that! I did the washing and every week I do my granddads ironing, so I did that, just about ready to drop in bed and die and starts demanding I go make him something to eat. Well there isn't anything, he never pays for anything at home although he gets paid almost double me and I've run out of money, so theres no food. I go to get in bed and he's on his iPad, I adios we can switch places so I can watch tv and he categorically says no, I can't see the tv from that angle but he is not going to move because he doesn't want to. He tells me if I want to watch it I van go sleep on the couch. Here I am. I hate him, he makes my life he'll, he makes me cry at least once a day, shouts and screams at me at least once everyday and I can't do this any more! I don't know what to fo, he makes me wanna die.
sounds like maybe you should leave him. I suppose that you could try to fix the relationship.

just seems like he'll just try to get away with as much as he can until you push back or walk out
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