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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by sadguy33, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. sadguy33

    sadguy33 Banned Member

    All I did was tell someone who has harassed me before to not post on my topic because it might start something and now I'm in trouble its always like this I'm always the one getting hated on for nothing.
  2. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    I am sorry that you feel like you are being silenced or told not to be "you" and feel like your hands are being tied behind your back. This is not going to comfort you really to say that you have not been the first, nor will you be the last, to have this happen to you on the forum. I have had it happen to me in a way, and now you, and some other members I am buddies with.

    It does happen... but, please take this... as being said to you to help you: ... things on this site have to be resolved. A person harassed you in the past, but it cannot be assumed on a site like this that they will do this forever in the future as well (and should they, then you are within your rights to ask for MOD assistance). That being said, just because in the past someone has... done something not so nice toward you or against you, or around you... it does not mean that it's ok for you to go after them in the future, aggressively, tying them up... when they have yet to do anything wrong actually yet...

    This is going by what you said that you asked them not to post... maybe they had yet again posted, or maybe they had not yet posted... I am not sure by your post, and I am sure there are parts I am misunderstanding... however I am not trying to make you feel more isolated... I am trying to help you see something that I had to see myself as well.. it's that... we can get maybe a bit harsh with other members... but we must allow that to resolve .. and be able to talk in each others' threads again, and talk on the forum, and be in the same areas, and be in the same chat rooms etc....

    If members don't do that, it obviously gets to be very nasty... and then it gets to be even more nasty for anyone else around either, who witnesses this...

    This forum is not for fighting, though emotions right high here, and things are tense. Not your intention for that either, you were trying to protect yourself and stop any triggers from happening... however there are ways to do that, which wouldn't get you in the situation you are in now either.

    There are also members on here who speak differently, react differently, and just plain act differently... I mean some have some heavy walls up... some are more open (heart on the sleeve). Some are very brunt/direct and don't sugar coat... while others avoid even addressing certain things directly...

    So, sometimes, a person may appear to be going at you... even if they had in the past... but in the present it might be their personality... like I am serious when I say this.

    Again, it's better to let, if you feel this is true, the other member be the one in the wrong... on a site like this, if that is true, and someone is going after you a bit maliciously... it's just better to make sure that you are not in return doing it too... because Mods and members here will have your back... but it's hard to have your back when you are returning fire too.

    Anyway I am not sure how you will receive what I said, or if you will hate what I had to say... I meant it to be in support of you... coming from my own experience of maybe not always getting along with everyone on here either... I have sometimes a pretty strong personality... and as you can imagine, that could easily clash... but I have been working to try and not have it do that lately... things "feel" better for me, now that I work on it a bit more.

    Still have my own work to do, a lot... but yeah... it's just so much nicer... that I have spent some time ... making up with some members on here... whereas in the past that never would have happened, and the grudge would have carried on forever... it's nice, this time around for me, to be able to actually speak to those members again and not feel like they hate me, and get along...

    dunno anyway, I hope you are not scared away by this... I see "Under Moderation" on your username... I can only imagine how you might take that right now...but I hope that you do push past and stay here. :hug: (I know it feels like everyone is against you... but it's not entirely so...)
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