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Treatment resistant depression

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is BULLSHIT. Pardon my Norse.

It's a disease with RECURRENT depressive episodes. It does not respond to antidepressants. It's associated with AGITATION and RESTLESSNESS. It can be treated with MOOD STABILIZERS and ANTIPSYCHOTICS in conjunction with antidepressants. An informal study by me shows that Seroquel (a mood stabilizer/antipsychotic/antidepressant) is effective.

Folks, if you've got TRD, you don't - you have bipolar disorder. Talk to your shrink about getting appropriate meds.

(And based on the physiology of the matter, you don't actually have to have expressed a manic phase to be bipolar - it's a neurological condition, as evidenced by its relation to epilepsy.)


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I don't know if all cases of treatment resistant depressive disorder are bull. I have a friend diagnosed with TRD who had a brain implant/pacemaker type chest battery implant from a study at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC (deep brain stimulation) with five other TRD patients. The implant seems to be helping a little. In twenty years I have never seen him agitated or restless, just quiet and listless.


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You're probably right. It's a bit (okay, more than a bit) of an over-the-top post, rereading it. Sorry about that.

Now, I wonder about your friend, was he ever looked at as bipolar? I would guess not, as the DSM ignores the fact that bipolar can be neurologically present without any manic symptoms...
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