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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure this is where to put this, but I am just wondering if anybody else here struggles with Trichotillomania?

This is a disorder that causes people to have virtually uncontrollable urges to literally pull out their hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, or hair anywhere else on their body. The DSM-IV currently classifies it as an "impulse-control disorder", but there's debate over whether it would be better classed as an obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, self-harm, or a bunch of other things, as many people with Trich also experience one or more of these to varying degrees. People might pull deliberately &/or just when they're bored or relaxed (eg. watching TV) without even realising they are doing it, & often feel a sense of tension before they pull & feel relief after. There are people of all ages with Trich, but average age of onset is about 12 or 13 years, I think.

Hmmmm...I think that is a fair run-down...Really, I am just hoping to find some other people who are struggling with this right now, too (if you don't want to post publicly, feel free to PM me if you want to talk :) ). Or at least raise a bit of awareness, I guess. Please don't think this is just a bad habit that I (& others) can break with a little will-power.

Sorry to ramble, hope this was ok to post here & makes sense.

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Yeah, reading that definition, I have it. Mildly now but it has been more severe in the past.

You're not alone!! Steph.


I would see that as being very linked to self harm if it is done as a deliberate thing. If it is just as a subconcious action then not really but when a person knows they are doing it surely it is for the pain and acting on the impulse in the same way that it is with cutting. Agree/Disagree?
Wow..thanks for actually replying. I know it was a badly explained stupid post, sorry. Indie - no, it sounds completely ridiculous to say, but it doesn't hurt at all. A good feeling, almost like finally scratching that killer itch on your back that you just couldn't reach..if that makes sense (which I know it probably doesn't, sorry).

Anyway, thanks for replying. Take care,


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i cant rly relate to this but there is a programme on about this right now...
im starting to understand and im rly sry you are going through this it looks painful to an outsider *hugz*
Omg I have this dissorder too . This is what happens . I am sitting down watching TV I have nothing else to do I start feeling my head my hair is mildly greasy and I feel around for the perfect hair just the right texture I pluck it out and look at it the little white bulb on the end brings exictement to me I chew it up and then repeat the prosess I am starting to get bald spots becase of it I am slowey stopping I takes alot of mental power but it works
Hi Kitty,

I completely understand where you're coming from with the texture & the "perfect" hair [although, I've never *quite* found that one, lol ], and the chewing..apparently all of that is pretty common, so please don't feel alone or silly for doing it or anything. I'm so glad you're finding a way to manage it, I'm sure you will see some regrowth soon :) Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk, or just keep your hands busy.

Take care.


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I pull out my eyebrows when I'm stressed or worried and I have pulled out my hair (on my head) a few times. I'm not sure why really...sometimes it just feels necessary. I personally think it's a compulsion.

I also scratch my head all the time, it's not itchy, I just scratch.
Does anyone else do this?

i have it to. ive had it since i was 11. and i really hate it. i want all my hair so my friends can do my hair and all that. i hate hiding it. i hate having a secret from everyone and i cant go smimming with people b/c they would see it. i have thought about killing myself many times. i try to quit but then i find myself doing it again. when i started to do it my mom thought i was crazy and always joked about sending me to the nut house until she saw dr. phil b/c he had ppl on there that had it. i really want to stop but i cant and the more i do it the more i want to kill myself. im prolly never going to get married b/c im sure the guy dosent want a bald wife ya know? well thats how im feeling about all this any feed bak would be great. Im now 18 and i dont think this will ever stop. id really like to talk with people that have this same problem
I definatly have are not alone, if you ever want to talk or need to talk I am always here for you hun.




with loads of hugs,
well thank you. i just dont know what to do with myself anymore. i really want a realtionship with a guy and one day i want to get married but i have never told anyone i have this. and i dont think any guy would love after he found out i have this..
Wow...hi everyone..haven't been on in a while, can't believe so many people have replied..thanks for making me feel a little bit less alone tonight. hope you're all doing ok as possible, anybody feel free to pm me anytime, even if just to keep your hands busy :) a random question - does anybody else have a problem with other compulsive stuff? like..i'd say i'm borderline ocd but have this weird thing with coughing & sniffing, like not because i have a scratchy throat or a runny nose, just because i "have" to..?? yeah, rambling rubbish now, sorry, will shut up :unsure: hugs to all..
I pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows. They'll start hurting at the roots, and I have to pull them out. Yesterday, I pulled a chunk out of my eyelashes. Now they're all weird looking to me. My friend told me she didn't even notice, but I do. It's weird that they hurt... It's almost like they're about to fall out anyway, but can't, so I have to help them. Weird....
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