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Tried alot. Got over it. But It still haunts me.

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I used to cut myself. Alot. I'd rather not talk about the reasons. But I'm fine now. I have sooo many scars. I try to cover them with make-up. But my skin is so pale. And the scars are so dark. The make up just turns a red color, and makes it even more noticeable. And I can't wear long sleeves for the rest of my life in Miami! Its scorching here. People at my school always rudly ask me something about it. Like they see the BIGGEST scar on my arm. It says "DEAD" which is what I wished I to be when i did it. "How did you do that?" or "Why did you do that?" "What does that say on your arm? Lead?" (the first D kind of looks like an L.). I go to the chyropractor 2-3 times a week. about the second or third time I saw him was the first time he saw my scar. "Whats this on your arm here?" then, I grunted not wanting my mom to know I used to be so depressed and then get her worried about me. Then...he just started laughing. And continued cracking my back. My dad's seen it. Three of my brothers have seen it. I HATE IT! My dad thinks I'm depressed and whatnot now. My mom probly HAS seen it, but just never said anything. She probly doesn't want to talk about it with me.

I just need one bit of advice...does anyone know how to get rid of a scar? Please..if anyone knows...please tell me. I need to know.



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There is a special kind of makeup that covers up scars, I think its actually designed for stretch marks. I'm not sure the name of it or where to find it but its a start.


I know how you feel with the scar situation. I hate always having to wear sweaters and long sleeved shirts. But like paranoidxe said, you can try that Palmers Cocoa Butter stuff, or they also have Mederma stuff, just look in the band-aid isle at your local drug store. There is so many things that can help with scar reduction. You just have to find the right one. Good luck :)


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i know exactly wat u mean ...... psychic vampires they suck ur blood till ur left wit none... i hav neva smiled from my heart in a long time ........


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thanks guys so muchhh

i can't consult a surgeon, I'm only 15.

but yeah i really need to find a makeup.

one that works GOOD.

I'll take a picture of it maybe so people can help me and understand that just regular cover-up doesn't work.


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As you can see Jenny already posted a link to where you can read a lot about scar reduction here on SF.

I want to comment something else in your post. I have the same at my home, I'm 17 and my mum have seen my scares a million times, same with my dad and sister. I always go in t-shirt at home, they don't care. They don't bother to ask. It's like dejá vú in my family to talk about such things and I don't really want to make my parents feel bad. My sister already tried to commit suicide once and if they do know for sure I'm depressed (which I think I am) they'll probably break down thinking they're bad parents. Anyways, just wanted to share it. Sorry if it's inconvenient.
I know exactly what you are talking about. I just turn 21 and i have been cutting since i been nine. It was hard for me to get rid of my past scars, but i just put lotion on but like someone say it was for stretch marks or either expense. I am glad you could get over your cutting, i miss i could.
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